Climate Change Project


Use Geofactsheet 61, Geofile 569, and the pages in Waugh to complete the following tasks.  In each answer, make sure you include relevant facts and figures.



How has the climate changed over Geological Time (over 550 million years)?


1.    Over the last 550 million years write a paragraph to explain how and when climate has oscillated (changed) between periods of warmer and cooler conditions?

2.    Name at least three of the timescales over the last 550 million years and describe the climatic conditions prevailing.

3.    List three pieces of evidence we have from the geological records that prove climate change has occurred in the past and is a natural, dynamic process.



How has the climate changed during the Holocene - the last 10,000 years BP?

4.    What has happened to climate during the last 10,000 years? When was the planet warming and when was it cooling - give the timescales of these phases?

5.    List and and give evidence for two warmer phases and two cooler phases during the Holocene. (e.g. the Romans in Britain were able to cultivate grape vines in northern England - 2000 years ago). - Write at least five points for each example.



6.    How big is the Pacific Ocean - area/volume/countries that border it/islands in it?

7.    Why does the Pacific Ocean has such an impact on weather and climate?

8.    What is the relationship (generally) between the oceans and seas on the planet and carbon dioxide levels in the atmopshere?

9.    What are the conditions (e.g. sea-surface temperatures/ocean currents) in the Pacific Ocean during a normal (non-El Nino - called La Nina!) year?

10. What happens to sea-surface temperatures and ocean currents in the Pacific Ocean during an ENSO (El Nino) event and how often does this occur?

11. List three example of how and where an ENSO event in the Pacific Ocean changes normal weather patterns globally. (Hint: Australia, Latin America, Africa)


Once you have completed this task - there is an El Nino Task / Study Guide that can be completed.