2. Retailing - Sample Answer

a)     Use Figure 1 to outline the impacts of regeneration on the CBD.


Regeneration of the CBD has encouraged people to continue to use the CBD in the face of competition from out-of-town shopping centres and the Internet.  This is shown by the large numbers of pedestrians in figure 1.  The pedestrianisation of the CBD has made it safer for people to use and has enabled more equal access for all visitors.  Information boards and signage also make the CBD more accessible.  The modern architecture and addition of trees has provided a more attractive retail environment for visitors and shoppers.  The new buildings have also provided indoor facilities to reduce the impact of poor weather on the economic success of retail in the CBD.  There are also opportunities for leisure, such as the "Arts Cafe" in the foreground, which add to the appeal and success of the CBD by diversifying the land uses that attract custom.