The Rural-Urban Fringe

Some places, including settlements, are clearly 'urban' and others are definitely 'rural' in both structure and function. Many areas are neither urban or rural, but are a transitional stage between the two. This edge-of-the-town/edge-of-the-countryside area is called the rural-urban fringe. This transition from one area to the other is often gradual and is therefore called the rural-urban continuum.



The top left photograph out of town retailing at Junction 4 of M42/A34 intersection. This is a typical activity and land use occurring at the rural-urban fringe.

The top right image is illustrating another popular function of the rural-urban fringe, golf courses and other leisure facilities such as rallying, paint-balling and farm activities and craft centres.

Left - shows the M42, motorways are a common characteristic of the rural-urban fringe.


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