Indonesia       Flag of Indonesia


1. Indonesia is a RIC (a Recently-industrialised Country). It began its process of industrialisation and globalisation in the 1990s.

2. The country has seen more freedom to develop economically since the resignation of President Suharto in 1988.

3.  The capital, Jakarta, is on Java - Indonesia's main island.

4. The economy is 40% manufacturing in terms of GDP, however the majority of the poplulation are still involved in agriculture.

5. Most of the manufacturing is in textiles these are often factories producing outsourced goods for MEDC multinationals such as NIKE and GAP. Click here for more details on the Indonesian economy.

6. The downside to outsourcing of manufacturing could be poor working conditions and very low wages. Click here to see John Pilger's Report.

7. The social, economic and demographic impacts of globalisation can be identified is John Pilger's 2001 article in the Guardian.

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