Zone 5 - Victoria Square

This zone centres on Victoria Square, so-called because of the statue of Queen Victoria that is found here (the statue is small, and tucked away in a corner - she's not the one in the fountain!).  There are a variety of land uses in this zone including Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, the Town Hall (theatre), the Council Offices and Birmingham Library, together with retail outlets on New Street and offices on Colmore Row.  Chamberlain Square and Paradise Forum provide pedestrian access to the Entertainment Zone and Broad Street in the west of the CBD, crossing one of the busiest junctions of the inner ring-road (Paradise Circus Queensway).  This zone can be very busy since major visitor attractions are found here, and it is popular with school parties.  The environmental quality is likely to be high and the area is well-maintained in order to attract visitors.  The sphere of influence is likely to be large because this is a focal point for visitors from outside of the West Midlands region.  People visiting this zone are likely to be here for leisure and recreational purposes and it may be easier to complete questionnaires because people are less pressed for time. 

Victoria Square with the "Floozie in the Jacuzzi".  The photo is looking towards the commercial zone of Colmore Row in the background.  On a rainy day, there are fewer pedestrians occupying this zone than normal.

The Town Hall, now a theatre after extensive redevelopment.  This zone is where many of the older, traditional buildings are found.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

The Council Offices.

New Street looking west towards Victoria Square.  The access to this zone is pedestrianised. During December, a German Market occupies the centre of this pedestrian route way, and this street becomes very congested.

The western end of New Street.  Shops here tend to be smaller, with lower rents than in the central retail area.  There is also clustering of banks and building societies.  Here there is less uniformity of retailing than the central shopping area.