Zone 3 - Cathedral

This zone centres on the Cathedral (Pigeon Park, Emo Kids) and Corporation Street.  It is a zone of mixed land use, with the Cathedral (St. Philip's), "high street" retail chains, offices, food outlets, a gym, and Snow Hill Station on the NE boundary.  The main roads here are not pedestrianised, and there are many bus stops and taxi ranks.  Private cars can access Colmore Row and the region to the north of the zone.  Parking is available on roadside meters, but this is very expensive in order to reduce demand and traffic congestion.  The pavements are relatively narrow and there is likely to be a high pedestrian flow.  The environmental quality will vary with land use, and the over-use of the Cathedral Square by "Emo-kids" has led to some serious environmental degradation.  This area might have a large sphere of influence due to the proximity of the offices.  It may be more difficult to ask questionnaires here because bustling nature of the streets in this zone. 

In the rain this has few visitors, but at lunch time on sunny days this is full of office workers enjoying an al fresco lunch.

New office developments on the borders of the Cathedral Square.  The land use of the areas bordering this zone is predominantly commercial.

There are many food outlets clustered in this zone, which leads to higher pedestrain flows during lunch time.  These cater for the office staff who work in the area surrounding Colmore Row.