3. Risk Assessment

When conducting fieldwork it it essential that you do it safely. You must do a risk assessment to ensure that you have taken into account factors that might harm you or others during the course of your work.  You should take steps to minimise these risks and record the ways in which you have considered health and safety.

Different fieldwork tasks carry different risks (e.g. harmful substances in river water, versus bus roads in urban areas).  

This is a sample from a risk assessment form:-

Hazardous activities?




(Classify each risk as High, Medium Or Low)

Who might be harmed?

How is the risk controlled?

Eg Walking in city streets




Eg Vehicle used for transport to/from destination involved in accident


Eg Accident occurring at venue for visit

Students, group leader, accompanying staff



Students, group leader, accompanying staff, driver




Students, group leader, accompanying staff


Plan itinerary carefully. Ensure sufficient supervision, clear guidelines issued to students.


Use reputable travel company/Authorised Driver




Venue covers risk

What further action is required to control the risk?














Using the information above, conduct a risk assessment for your fieldwork investigation.  Try to include details of 3 potential hazards, and the ways that you can control or overcome them.