2. Hypothesis and Aims

In order for an investigation to be successful, you must start with an idea that you would like to test.  Your hypothesis should be based on an accepted geographical theory and should ideally be a statement that you can confirm or decline at the end of your study.  You will have identified theories during your literature review.

Your study should have a title; it is best if the title is a question that can be answered.  Following this, you should have 2 or 3 aims or hypotheses that will help you to answer that question.  Your aims should be related to each other.

Your hypotheses will dictate the data that you will need to collect, so it is important that your hypotheses make sense and relate to the overall aim of your study.

At the start of all academic research, the likely outcomes of that research are known.  If, at the end of your study, your conclusions don't fit your hypotheses, then you will need to say why.  To do this you need a good understanding of your topic. 



Write down the title of your fieldwork investigation.  Make sure that this title is a question.

Write down the three hypotheses that you will investigate to answer this question:-