First, you need to read relevant sections of Fieldwork techniques and Projects in Geography by Lenon and Cleves.  This will enable you to identify suitable methods to use to collect your data.  You can also refer to other textbooks that might offer alternative ideas.

When deciding on your methods you need to take into account several factors:-

  • Can I access the equipment? (Borrow it? Buy it? Make it? Work it?)
  • Can I ensure a fair test and avoid bias at each sample site?
  • Do I have enough time to complete each method?
  • Is it the easiest and most practical way to collect the data you need?

Successful methods of data collection are more likely to yield good results, so it is very important that you take time to perfect them.  Doing a pilot study may help you to evaluate the success of your techniques.


Read the relevant literature, consider your topic, and choose a sampling strategy.  Justify that choice by discussing your hypothesis and geographical theory.  Write a paragraph describing your sampling strategy, with 3 bullet points to justify your selection.