Data Collection Write-up Report

Data Collection


Once you have planned what you are going to do, you need to get on and DO IT!  You need to complete the following document to explain what you did, how you did it and why you did it the way you did!


  1. Sampling Strategy – how you selected your sites (Systematic? Random? Stratified?).


  1. Methods of data collection – what data are you collecting, how and why?.


  1. Recording sheet – a table displaying your data.


  1. Photographic evidence or a field sketch



Complete the sections of the following document to explain and evaluate your progress. 


You can alter the document to reflect the work that you have done, but all sections must have something in them!


Add as much detail as you can – make note of things that go badly, as well as things that are successful.




Sample Exam Question:


Examine the methods used to collect data in an investigation of…(insert topic here).

[10 marks]



Sampling Strategy


If you have planned successfully, you can probably cut and paste this section from your “Planning” document!


Sampling Strategy Used:



Aim 1

Aim 2

Aim 3













Other strategies considered, and reasons for dismissing them:-






Methods Table


Complete this table to describe and justify your data collection



Data and Equipment needed


(How to do it?)


(Why do it this way?)


(Advantages and disadvantages of this technique)

Aim 1





Aim 2





Aim 3








Results Sheets / Questionnaire results




At this point you need to include your results sheets and any questionnaire results that you have obtained.


You also need to provide evidence of your work in the form of photographs or sketches.  If these are clearly labelled and annotated, they will be very helpful when you come to revise.  You could label points of geographical interest, or highlight why these images are relevant to your study….