Improvements and Extensions


Having identified problems with your investigation, it is necessary to suggest ways that your research could be improved.  For every wekness that you have identified, you should suggest and justify an improvement that would change the outcome for the better.

These improvements need to be very specific - "I would collect more data" is not enough.  Each improvement should be thoughtful, and again justified with reference to Geographical theory, or better practice.  Think in detail about the problem you have identified and give a reasoned account of the changes that you could make.  By including Geography in this section, you will demonstrate your knowledge of the broader topic area and this will be given credit by the examiner.


At the end of your project, you will have come to some (three?) conclusions.  These will probably leave you with some questions that remain unanswered, or will open up avenues for further investigation.  Even if you are happy with your conclusions, you need to think of ways that you can extend your study, either by collecting more of the same data to fulfill the same aims (depth), or by collecting alternative data to fulfill the same or different aims(breadth). 

In the exam you might need to describe and justify these potential additions to your work. Again you need to do this with respect to geographical theory.



  1. For each weakness, identify at least one improvement and explain why you would make the proposed changes.
  2. For each conclusion, state an extension idea - how could you take your answer further.