Studland Beach and Sand Dunes

Problems and Management

Background information


Studland beach is a popular tourist destination due to its 3km long sandy beach.  The main hotspot is at Knoll Beach where the National Trust are encouraging tourists to concentrate by providing car parks, information, shop, BBQ sites and boardwalks through the sand dunes.  This makes it easier to the Trust to manage the area effectively. 


In the summer, Studland beach can receive up to 25,000 people in one day.   This causes 4 main problems


*Over one week 12 tonnes of litter can be left. 

*Traffic congestion is major cause of concern as the surrounding roads are narrow.

*Sand dunes are eroded quite easily.

*Fires occur most years and spread quickly in the dune and surrounding heathland ecosystems.


Main solutions - these are partially funded by the 1/2 million income from car park fees and the shop.

*Enlarged the 4 main car parks

*Built an information centre so that visitors are aware of the fragile environment they are in.

*Increased number of toilets and disabled facilites

*Closed some paths and fence of part of the dunes

*Planted Marrum grass, built sand traps to stabalise the sand dunes (see Studland ecosystem page)

*Boardwalks built to guide people along most popular routes therefore  reducing erosion.

*Litter bins - emptied on a regular basis also recycling bins near car park

*Fire beaters, fire breaks and BBQ sites to reduce fire risk.

*Zonation of activities

*Some activities are restricted in the summer months e.g. dog walking.