Coasts Revision Questions 


Try to answer these questions as part of your revision programme.


1. Six things about High Energy events.

2. Six things about Geology.

3. Six things about erosion processes.

4. Six things about transportation and deposition processes.

5. Six things about wind and waves and beaches.

6. Five landforms of erosion plus case studies.

7. Five landforms of deposition plus case studies.

8. List the JurassicCoast landforms from west to east.

9. List the Jurassic Coast Management case studies.

10. Hard engineering six things.

11. Soft engineering six things.

12. Six things about sea level rise.

13. Six things about management problems on the coast.

14. Explain how the prevailing wind is a process in Q1 or a problem in Q2.

15. Six landforms/case studies of non UK examples.

16. Thoroughly explain a management case study and evaluate its effect.

17. How does economic development get included in a coasts question?

18. Rates of erosion vary, why?

19. Explain Studland Spit, three landforms, the processes and management.

20. Explain Chesil Beach, landform, processes and management issues.