Barton-on-Sea - Coastal Management

Self-Study Guide


1. Coastal Management (16-19 Booklet)

2. Geofactsheet 207 - Management at Barton-on-Sea

3. Landform Systems (Bishop and Prosser) p. 121-123


1.  Draw an annotated map to show the location of Barton-on-Sea.  Highlight the prevailing wind direction, the direction of sediment transfer and the main land uses at the coast.

2.  Draw a cross-section of the cliff at Barton-on-Sea.  Label the geology and describe the problems that are likely to occur in these cliffs.

3.  Explain the cliff-foot and cliff-face processes that lead to rapid erosion at Barton-on-Sea.  State the rate of erosion of the cliffs prior to the introduction of management.

4.  Describe and explain the management strategies that have been used at Barton-on-Sea to reduce the rate of cliff erosion.

5.  Identify the different groups of people who are likely to hold strong opinions about the management at Barton-on-Sea.  Summarise the opinions of each group.

6.  Evaluate the success of the management at Barton-on-Sea.  Some of the evaluation should consider the success of the management in reducing cliff retreat, and some should consider the view-points of the different groups (stakeholders) who have an interest in this section of the coastline.